The team at Rasmussen & Associates have a proven reputation for providing professional advice and assistance to individuals and businesses. With our knowledge and assistance, we can help you to establish quality practices that will help your business flourish. We guarantee to consult with you in confidence, so that you make more informed choices about your financial future.



While we specialise in assisting businesses, our expertise is also suited to personal income tax returns. We assist our clients to minimise the amount of taxation they are liable to pay using legal methods. Our staff can also help you to plan and instigate tax effective strategies to assist in growing your personal wealth.

At Rasmussen & Associates, we provide flexible ways to complete your personal tax returns. If you cannot make it into the office for a one-on-one consultation, we can converse with you over the phone or by email. Simply scan and fax or email your PAYG summaries and taxation related documents and we will provide you with a PDF of your completed taxation return.


Buying a business can be a challenging time, as there are many factors to consider. Rasmussen & Associates can provide you with guidance during this process to ensure you are establishing best business practices. Our staff will assist you with the legal aspects of registering the business and employing staff, as well as the financial and taxation requirements. Some of these include preparing business plans, business insurance, vehicle and equipment finance and record keeping requirements.

Some of the processes we can assist with include choosing the right accounting software for your business, planning your financial records and cash flow budgets, taxation payments, capital expenditure and employee payment obligations. We can also assist you in selecting asset protection, public liability, insurance and personal injury protection.

retirement and succession planning

Rasmussen & Associates can develop a financial plan to provide funds for your retirement. Our plans take into consideration your personal circumstance, as well as your current financial situation. We assess your asset base and formulate an investment plan that will work for you.

Retirement and succession planning can not only provide an income once you are no longer engaged in full-time work, it can also provide a valuable back-up source of funds in case of an unexpected financial setback. Let our team help you to devise a plan early in your working life, so that you can retire and concentrate on living it, sooner.

financial planning

Creating a financial plan requires reviewing your current situation, financial resources, age and investment experience, among other factors, to formulate a financial strategy. Our expert financial planners also take into consideration your risk profile and financial goals, as this can impact the amount of time you wish to invest.

With the redirection of the financial markets, investment opportunities have presented across more diverse areas. The financial planners of Rasmussen & Associates offer informative and professional advice on the best options for you. Once your financial plan is underway, we will regularly consult on the progress of your investments and recommend additional steps or changes to implement.

Wealth creation

To fund your retirement or to put money aside for your children requires a more long-term solution than a simple savings account. The team at Rasmussen & Associates are dedicated to helping you grow and protect your wealth. Our experienced staff are able to ensure your wealth creation plan is structured to receive the maximum taxation breaks available, while increasing the value of your investment.

Our professional accountants will review and report on your wealth creation plan, carefully monitoring your asset allocation. We will also advise you on wealth protection products and services, including income protection, life insurance and disability cover to ensure your finances are secure.

loan and mortgage advice

Rasmussen & Associates can advise you on the purchase of assets, financing strategies and leasing. Our experienced staff provide independent financial advice on lending institutions and brokers. We also have a network of financial industry contacts, so we can point you in the right direction should you require further help.

Our team can discuss your financial needs in regard to effective ways to reduce your mortgage and lower your interest repayments. We can assist with advice and planning for home loans, refinancing options, commercial and business loans, non-conforming loans and debt consolidation. If you need some advice regarding home lending and mortgages, be sure to contact Rasmussen & Associates to discuss any questions or concerns.

cash flow management

Managing the cash flow of your business is much more in depth than simply running a profit and loss report. Cash flow budgeting and management is important to understand so that you are adequately prepared in case of a major expenditure or fluctuation.

The team at Rasmussen & Associates will work with you to set up the best management practices for the cash flow of your business, including identifying regular expenses, budgeting for future upgrades and planning for taxation payments. A cash flow management system does not need to be complex, but it is necessary should you need to borrow funds for your business in the future.

other services

The team at Rasmussen & Associates Chartered Accountants are able to assist with a further range of financial services. Some of these include:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Small business consulting
  • Advice on business acquisitions
  • Debt facilitation
  • Financial applications
  • Advice on computer accounting systems
  • Budgeting
  • Management performance assessments